Matter Easy Dhoti Review


Today I'd like to introduce you to the coziest pair of pants you'll ever wear. Matter creates fabrics that support the creation and preservation of artisan prints and techniques and then turns these fabrics into stylish, comfortable, ethically produced pants. Working alongside traditional artisans, the pieces are produced in small, limited edition runs and are meticulously hand crafted to ensure the piece you receive is something unique that can last you a long time.

Renyung, one of the owners, is also a contributor for Conscious Magazine and has written some excellent pieces you should check out. I appreciate reading her thoughts because they give you insight into the mind of a social entrepreneur and helped me better understand the heart behind her brand.

 I was sent a pair of the Easy Dhoti in Chambray Olive. The fabric is really beautiful and the fit is just so comfortable. Matter refers to their pieces as "Pants To See The World In". I think you could take this phrase both literally and figuratively. Not only are you "seeing" the world through global craftsmanship, but these pants are so cozy without being trashy that you actually would want to travel in them. Goodbye airport sweatpants!

One thing I particularly like  about this brand is their website. It is LOADED with information about the brand, the process and the heart behind why they are doing what they do. They offer the transparency and story telling that this movement desperately needs. The coolest part to me are their collection of videos about the print making process for each block print and ikat design. They're only 20 seconds so take a moment to watch a few. It'll help you understand the difference between true ikat and the "tribal print" screen printed on a shirt at Forever 21. 

Thank you Matter for letting us check out your beautiful clothing! We are so excited to see what's next for your brand.