By Blanche

Vegan leather shoes that look just as chic as leather. By Blanche employs eco-friendly production methods and fair labor practices.


Comfortable, contemporary, and beautifully designed shoes made from locally sourced materials in Mallorca, Spain. Coclico's ethical production methods are a part of the company's commitment to beauty in both process and design.

Corso Como

Unabashedly feminine pumps and flats that are practical without looking like “comfort shoes.” Coros Como sticks to a guideline of environmental and and social best practices, too.

Fortress of Inca

Men and women's booties, boots, flats, and sandals inspired by traditional Peruvian textiles and made from natural materials. Fortress of Inca employs fair labor and fair wage practices and prioritizes traditional craftsmanship.


Handmade shoes that showcase a traditional artisan Guatemalan fabric called huipil. Ethically hand-stitched and hand-loomed in fair, family-run workshops, this small operation keeps ancient textile handcrafts alive.

Modern Vice

Edgy heels, booties, and flats that are made in the USA. With collections inspired by music icons like David Bowie and Prince, Modern Vice is a brand infused with a little rock and roll.


Men's and women's shoes with a clean, classic aesthetic. Nisolo pays above fair trade wages, provides training for employees and ensures safe working conditions. This is one of my personal favorites!


Brooklyn-based fair trade line that showcases contemporary styles like chukkas, flats and oxfords. By using handmade textiles from weaving cooperatives and eco-friendly materials, Osborn creates wearable works of art.


Comfortable men's and women's shoes handmade in Greece. Not only are Pikolinos ethically produced and socially responsible, the brand has collaborated with the Masai people in Kenya to create a line of specialty shoes that lift communities out of poverty.


Women's shoes featuring handmade materials and designs from global artisans and budding artists. Check out their apparel, housewares, and accessories, too.


Timelessly cool sandals and effortless flats, ethically handmade in East Africa. A percentage of Sseko's profits go towards college scholarships for women, too.

The Root Collective

Women's shoes cool textiles from around the world. The Root Collective's “culture of kindness" means that the company uses ethical workshops in developing countries, hires former gang members and at-risk youth, and supports women in rural communities.


Ethical (and cute) men's and women's sneakers with a solid commitment to environmental and social responsibility, Veja's website offers a completely transparent story of their shoes' production, and they even eschew traditional advertising to keep their prices affordable.


UK-made women's heels and chic, dressy flats. Yull's founders were told that high heels couldn’t be made in the UK, but they never compromised on their vision to support local manufacturing and ethical production.