Wine Stained Lips for Spring

Wine Stained Lip.jpg

Super pumped to share another fun tutorial from Lindsay Vicki. Have you tried a wine stained lip? It's super easy and yes, YOU can totally pull it off. Most girls are intimidated by a bold lip because they're afraid of how it'll wear off over time. You know that look that happens when your lipstick wears off and it looks like you've got a permanent tattoo lip liner? You don't? Yeah, me neither. And while we are on the subject, seriously. Who ever thought tattooing-your face-with makeup- was a good idea?! Sigh. I digress. This simple 3 step approach will keep a bold color lasting long and fading well. You can easily transition this look into spring by doing a dark lip and keeping the rest of your makeup light. 

1. Line your entire lip with a pencil and then fill in the entire lip. Lining the outside will keep the color from bleeding and then filling in the inside will not only help the color stick but will also keep color on your lips after your gloss or lipstick wears off.

2. Apply lipstick. If it's possible, use a lip brush to apply color. Yeah, that's it.

3. Stick your thumb in your mouth. See all that color left over on your finger? That's all the color that won't end up on your teeth! Now you don't need to worry about it. Horray!

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