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Wear in Good Health Review
Wear in Good Health Review

Wear In Good Health is American Made Luxury at its finest. We were contacted by the team at Wear In Good Health about reviewing their clothing. While we are always open to reviewing items we only share things that we think our readers should know and love...and you should know about this brand.

Due to our love of fast fashion it is hard to remember, or maybe even know at all what well made clothing actually feels like. The second I pulled these pieces out of the box the difference was apparent. For example, the dress shown above is Dress 8 in ivory. It's rich and smooth and heavy. Not heavy in a weighty way but heavy in a way that feels substantial and confident. This dress is extremely versatile! Thanks to it's simple, clean lines it's almost a blank canvas. Dress it up with heels or dress it down with flats. I originally wanted the dress in black but Grace recommended it in ivory. As you can see from the photos above, ivory is a wonderful and versatile basic that can be worn in the same ways you'd wear a little black dress...maybe not to a wedding, but everywhere else. 

My favorite piece were the high waisted leggings. They are just amazing. Yes, they are signficantly more expensive than a see-through pair of leggings you can buy at Target. But these are the last pair of leggings you'll ever need. My sisters and I have a rule: Tights are not Pants. However, these pants smash that rule. My lovely sister paired this with boots an easy blouse for a more casual but still polished look and it worked so well. She also paired them with a wrap blouse and heels for a business look and it's incredible. You'd never wear you lulu lemon tights to a meeting, but you can wear these. I really cannot stress enough how much you'll love these pants. They are a game changer. 

Along with a tank top that is made so flawlessly you can wear it inside out, these pieces of clothing are the definition of investment basics. With care these pieces will last you years. Sure, you could also buy a tank top for $10 at Forever 21 but there is something to be said about the way you feel wearing cheap clothing. We all know the difference. You have to try it for yourself. 

Learn more about the way the clothing is made through these cute illustrations. And then snag a dress for the holiday season. You'll be wearing it for the next ten years and it will look just as incredible as the first day you put it on. 

Wear in Good Health Review
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Ethical Pieces Shown above:

Dress 8 - C/O Wear in Good Health

Wrap Top (similar here) - C/O Wear in Good Health

Top 5 - C/O Wear in Good Health

High Waist pant - C/O Wear in Good Health 

Brass Fringe Necklace - C/O Soko

Willow Necklace - Ember Arts (you can win this!)

Railroad Cuff - Magpie

Horn Bracelet - Heart of Haiti

Photography by Events Not Forgotten