Warby Parker Home Try-On

Sigh. I was pretty stoked to take advantage of Warby Parker's home try-on program, which lets you to take five styles of your choosing for a test drive. Like TOMS, Warby Parker is a for-benefit company that, for each pair of glasses sold, donates another pair to someone in need. Their frames are handcrafted and their designs are cooler than cool.

The only thing getting in the way of me buying my favorite style, the Ellison, is mygiant head. Seriously, it's like Sputnik.

This is an issue I often face when purchasing hats and sunglasses, which is why I usually end up with an oversized cat-eyed pair that makes my head look a little smaller in comparison. Unfortunately, Warby Parker's delicate designs just aren't flattering on my XL noggin (although the Evelyns are pretty close). I'd love to see Warby Parker produce a cat-eyed or otherwise angled pair that looks good on those of us with rounder faces. We're out there

The verdict:

I didn't include the Liv in my my order, but I'd like to give them a try since they feature much larger frames. I'll also heartily endorse the home try-on program for anyone with an average-sized head. It's super easy, and because Warby Parker only has a small number of stores and showrooms, it's one of the only ways to take these beauties for a spin before buying.