Warby Parker Home Try-On

Warby Parker Try On.jpg

A couple weeks ago the Mr. and I went to the eye doctor. Our appointments were on different days but our glasses ended up being ready to pick up at the same time. When we picked up our glasses we realized that out of hundreds of pairs to choose from we had picked out the exact same pair. We are so in love...in a sometimes creepy kind of way.

Glasses are expensive! Even if you are fortunate enough to have vision insurance and the "oh so generous" $100 allowance for new frames, you know that your options in that price range are pretty limited and rather ugly. So what to do? Well the amazing and fast growing company Warby Parker has an answer! Most of their frames are under $100 and all of them are incredible. The hard part though is that they are on online company, which means that you'd have to buy glasses without first trying them on right? Well they figured that out too! With their Home Try On program the company will actually let you pick 5 pairs to try on and ship them to you for free. Then you have 5 days to try the glasses out and simply send them back (they pay for that too!) Need more of a reason? Warby Parker is a "Certified B Corporation", and has a high level of accoutability in manufacturing and ethical business dealings. PLUS for every pair of glasses sold WP will give a pair away to a person in need. It's a win-win-win-win-win.

We found the quality and fit of the frames to be just as nice if not nicer than any pair of expensive glasses we've owned in the past. Plus we had a lot of fun trying them on! Which ones do you like?