Ethical bags | Tukula

So remember when I posted about looking for a clutch? Well the super generous company Tukula sent me an awesome clutch and makeup bag! Stoked about the makeup bag because the one I have is completely falling apart...literally, there are holes so big in it my makeup falls out. 

I'm still trying to get down with the blogger/photographer jam so these pics aren't doing justice to how neat these bags are. The foldover clutch can be folded once (as shown) if you need a medium sized clutch or folded twice into a wallet size clutch. 

The best part of both of these bags is that attached to them are photographs of the woman who made the bag. A few companies do this but Tukula does it well, with professional quality images of the artisans. I'm an emotional kinda girl but I teared up looking at the images and imagining that just a few months ago that beautiful woman was holding the same bags in her hands. The bag that I'll use to carry around one too many lip glosses is the same bag that is providing this woman with fair pay, medical care and a safe work environment. This is the stuff that makes this blog so worthwhile to me. A little piece of sisterhood.

Thank you Tukula! You have a fan and customer for life!

OH AND BY THE WAY...did I mention that the select clutches and bag are on sale for 25% off?! Do it.