TP Mocs - Giving Back Tribe By Tribe

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One part of blogging that's super fun for me is getting pitches from brands. It's always exciting to hear about something new and try to find ways to incorporate it into posts to share with all of you. When todays featured brand reached out to me and told me about their work I actually said out loud to myself this is gonna be huge

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TP Moc is the dream of Maria Running Fisher Jones. Raised on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Northwestern Montana, a young Maria witnessed first hand how poverty impacts communities. The estimated poverty rate among Native Americans living on reservations is double the national average, with the Blackfeet Tribe unbelievably experiencing a 69% unemployment rate. After moving off of the reservation to a nearby city Maria's mom continued to instill a love of culture, pride and responsibility into her children. Out of this legacy of love, TP Mocs was born.

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TP Mocs preserves cultural traditions and provides employment through job creation. Each pair of moccasins are made by hand by Native American artisans living in impoverished communities. They are BEAUTIFUL and flawlessly made. I could have probably taken 10 more photos to show off all the little details but I think it's something you need to see for yourself. These gorgeous pieces are the perfect thing for a gift for a friend or a special pair of shoes for your own little one.  

And (drumroll please)...They.Stay.On. 

Our sweet little babies received a pair from the Urban and Traditional collection. I will definitely be buying more as they outgrow these because I can already tell they'll last a long time and they are easily the cutest shoes in their closet. You can even create a custom pair which make these a darling choice for a little ring bearer or a gift for a parent who loves sports (you could make a pair in their teams colors!)

I will spare you a looooong rant here but I just think there is something very important and powerful about supporting marginalized groups within our own country. We have seen too many examples of what happens when people are treated as less than and voices in the community are ignored. We also are very quick to "borrow" pieces of culture without respecting process and tradition. So in many ways, not just cute and fashionable ways but deeply, life impacting ways, I think that TP Mocs are a close to perfect example of how social enterprise can work. I LOVE this project and I can't wait to see TP Mocs stocked in boutiques all over the country. 

Thank you Maria and artisans in the Blackfeet Tribe for blessing my little ones with these beautiful moccasins. They mean a lot to us.

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