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Things are finally settling down after moving and we are having so much fun planning, dreaming and buying for our new home. One of the pieces I'm really excited about is a rug for our living room. I've never purchased one and I didn't realize there were sooo many options. Rugs are one of the places where you'll find significant price differences between unethically and ethically made pieces. Cuz here's the 8x10 handmade rug can have as many as ONE MILLION knots. You shouldn't be able to buy one million of anything for cheap. Rugs are a luxury item, they aren't a necessity, which means if we can't afford to buy it ethically then we shouldn't buy it. I know that's sort of a downer, but it's just the truth. When purchasing a rug you can look at it as an investment piece, like artwork, or you can look for the most cost effective piece that works well with your current set up. Either way, make sure you buy a piece you love that will last you a long time and then learn how to take care of it

While not every ethically made rug will carry certification, a good place to start is looking for pieces that are Fair Trade Certified or Good Weave Licensed (though I do wish that Good Weave was a little more comprehensive they are doing incredible work for children). If you don't find a rug that has certification ask questions! Many brands that we support don't carry certification but they are always happy (and excited!) to share about their products and the people who make them. Also don't forget about buying rugs second hand! 

Below you'll find some rugs we love but we found so many that we decided to start a pinterest board for our favorite pieces. See you there!

1. EcoChic Maroc Woollen Rugs

2. Felt Ball Rug Double Grey Round Rug

3. Armadillo & Co Nomad Rug

4. Node Bear Rug

5. Armadillo & Co Marigold Rug

6. West Elm Multi Pixel Woven Rug

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