This week in sustainable fashion - The power of words (and a swimsuit I like)

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, but pregnancy has taken it up a level. They say it’s common to dream about babies (duh), and baby animals (I wish! Can I dream about baby sloths, please?). But so far mine have just been violent. Recently I dreamed that I was running a day care center, along with a man who somewhat resembled Game of Thrones' Little Finger. We had some kind of dispute over the best way to discipline the children, and he shoved me against the wall and said, “I think we both know who’s stronger here.” As he said it, he began pulling a seam out of my shirt, letting it unravel as I stood there. Somehow I found the strength to tackle him to the floor, but I knew I couldn’t hold him down for long. Before he fought back, I whispered in his ear, “I will ruin you. I will destroy you with my words.” 

It may not be the most pin-able phrase, but I like it as a personal mantra. I will destroy you with my words. I not sure who the "you" is (Intolerance? Inequity? People who cut in line?), but the point is that language is powerful. And I forget that. I forget that I'm more than glossy Instagram photos and outfit posts. That I started this blog because I gave a damn. And while I don't always have the time or energy to write thoughtful, well-researched essays on ethical living, I also don't want this space to devolve.

So I'm starting with a commitment to share more. More of the powerful, uplifting things those in the ethical blogging community are doing. More inspiring handmade projects. More thought-provoking articles on sustainability and social justice. And yes, more pretty, sustainable clothing brands (because that stuff is fun, too). Your words and your projects are powerful, and I want to amplify them in any way I can. 

Good Reads

"The Class Politics of Decluttering," by Stephanie Land, who highlights out the privilege inherent in the minimalist movement.

"Eliminating Plastics From Your Home: why and how" by Stephanie Villano (originally posted on My Kind Closet). I know I could be better about reducing the amount of plastics and packaging I consume. This piece inspired me to step it up.

"The Legacy of Lynching, on Death Row," a profile of civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson, by Jeffrey Toobin. Jon and I caught a City Arts and Lectures conversation on NPR between Stevenson and Toobin yesterday. We were both deeply moved, and kept looking at each other like, "damn, this man is eloquent." The conversation isn't available online, but you can read the article or catch Stevenson's 2015 SXSW talk, "Confronting Injustice."

"Bless You, Pay Me: A Loving Open Email to Social Entrepreneurs" by Alden Wicker, who gets straight up sassy in her response to ethical brands who want to "collaborate" rather than pay for sponsored content. I receive a fair number similar proposals (even as a small-time blogger), and Alden's post validated what I've been feeling for a long time: no one should work for free.

Good Style

"Slow Fashion Guide to Work," by Elise Epp. A great roundup of ethical fashion brands and sewing patterns that will keep you looking oh-so-professional.

The Refashioners 2016 - Your Makes, on The Makery. I've been thoroughly impressed by the things these creative geniuses have been able to do with denim (this project also pushed me to make my own pair of refashioned maternity jeans). Talk about about making it last.

Brand Love: Malia Mills.  Finally, the caption to this post's image. Malia Mills is a line I discovered this summer that creates beautiful swimsuits in a wide range of cuts and cup sizes, all made in the USA. You can mix and match tops and bottoms (a huge plus for me) under the philosophy is that a swimsuit should adapt to you, not the other way around. The accompanying hashtag? #lovethydifferences. Hell yes, indeed.

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