The Avenues

Three San Francisco brands, one 70's-inspired jacket, and the Sunset District's muted palette.

Black Pleated Skirt, by The Podolls, a San Francisco-based clothing company that focuses on sustainable sourcing and construction. Made from from 100% tencel, this skirt is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe.  

Screen printed cotton tank by Gravel & Gold, a Mission boutique that celebrates local andindependent designers. This piece is part of their in-house line. 

Leather loafers by Sutro, the in-house line of ShoeBiz, a San Francisco institution since 1979.  Designed in the city and made in small workshops in Mexico.

Wool pea coat by BCBG, another brand that, although mass-produced and not particularly committed to sustainability, still ranks high in my book. Why? Because their clothes are incredibly well made. Everything I've owned by this brand, whether purchased new or secondhand, has featured impeccable construction and high-quality fabric. This coat will be in my closet for years, because a double-breasted coat with oversized lapels never goes out of style, right?

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