Thank You


We are overwhelmed by the kindness we've received the past week as we announced that after four and a half years, our international adoption has come to an end. 

THANK YOU for your support and well wishes. But most importantly thank you for testifying to this experience and grieving with us over this loss for orphaned children. We are confident that caring for vulnerable children is one of the greatest things we will ever do with our lives and we are more committed than ever to supporting the holistic and sustainable care of children everywhere.

We believe that prevention is one of the greatest ways we can impact the world for vulnerable children. Thoughtful consumption KEEPS KIDS IN FAMILIES by providing parents with much needed resources to provide for them. While we aren't naive enough to think a Parker Clay bag or Felt Ball Rug is going to change the world, it can change the life of one family. And one less orphan in the world has never been a bad thing.

Thank your for your patience, understanding and continued support of our little corner of the internet. See you back here Wednesday!

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash