Tamga Designs

Several years ago we shared about TAMGA Designs and their gorgeous, ethically made kimonos. We are excited to share that TAMGA is expanding their operations to off a new line of cut and sew pieces that are absolutely stunning. 

“Living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we saw a total hypocrisy in how many Western Brands are manufactured”, says Eric of Tamga. “Bright, happy, family-oriented garments being produced in dark, unsafe and exploitative environments. Consumers simply aren’t given enough information tomake an educated decision”.

TAMGA Designs owner Yana and her fiancé started working in the clothing industry in Bangladesh as an experiment, to provide a positive example of how great fashion can be produced in a responsible and marketable way. The two since quit their full time jobs and set out to Indonesia to scale their supply chain and become more environmentally accountable for their clothing. The TAMGA co-founders spent 8 months travelling though Indonesia on an adventurous search for the right suppliers. The result is their Dreamweaver collection, made entirely of fabrics from sustainably sourced wood, and using low-impact and natural dyes. The entire supply chain is shared on their website which is so amazing.

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