So Clutch: A Selection of Ethically-Made Bags

Fair Trade Ethical Clutches

My neck and back are seriously messed up right now. While I am certain it has absolutely nothing to do with the 40 pound "purse" I carry around that'd put Mary Poppins to shame, I did decide to snoop around for a cute clutch. These are some of my favorites right now. Do you think my health insurance would cover the cost of one of these?

1. Basik 855 arrow travel clutch

2. Sseko Clutches - sadly, the one pictured here is gone but I kind of like all of them anyways

3. Global Goods Partners Silk Envelope Clutch 

4. Ethica Tricia Square Clutch- so perfect

5. Connected Goods Salmon Clutch

6. Basik City Clutch

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