Sewing Space Tour: My Corner of the Garage

Sewing Room in the Garage | Ikea Desk
Sewing Room Tour | Shelves
Sewing Room Tour | Shelves
Sewing Room Tour | Plaster Skull

Last week I finally organized the garage and carved out a sewing/making space for myself. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of sewing lately, and that’s partly because of the chaos it creates. Life with a toddler takes its toll on our house, and adding fabric scraps, pattern trimmings, wayward cords, and dangerous tools to the mix was just too much for my anxiety-ridden mom brain. Creating a designated space outside of Avery’s realm has made all the difference; I can start projects, set them aside, and return to them when the mood strikes (i.e., Avery's bed time). I don’t feel the pressure to finish projects in one night, and I can leave sharp objects lying around. It’s awesome.

Sewing Room Tour | Shelves
Sewing Room Tour | Thread Storage and Tools | Bernina

This space didn't happen overnight, though. I've accumulated my sewing and crafting supplies over the course of many years, some of them even dating back to high school (when I was really into making found object shadowboxes and/or covering said objects in glitter). Consequently, not everything pictured here is "shoppable," like the vintage letterpress drawer where I store my thread, the bamboo ladder used for hanging trim and project pieces, or the plaster skull that displays my favorite buttons and hair pieces. Some of my storage solutions have sentimental value, like the floral sewing tin that belonged to my grandmother and the cigar box that I found in a dusty antique store in Berkeley. And some of them are plastic ArtBins from Joann's. It's a balance.

I bought a basic bamboo HILVER table top and adjustable legs from Ikea, partly because our garage floor is so uneven that each leg needed to be a slightly different length. I've also got the ubiquitous RASKOG utility cart and KALLX shelving; like many sewing spaces, I'm pretty Ikea-ed out.  I still use our dining room table to cut patterns, although I'd love to create a custom cutting table some day.

In terms of tools and machinery, I'm a big fan of Clover products (measuring tape, seam ripper, chalk pen), Kai Dressmaking Shears, and Gingher scissors/ rotary cutters (partly because they're just so pretty). I purchased my Bernina 330 sewing machine and JUKI serger a couple of years ago (based on Heather's Closet Case Files review), and they've made a huge difference in the quality of my sewing projects. I'm love sewing with knits and silks now, confident that I can create professional-looking seam finishes and beautiful hems.

I keep my prettiest supplies out on display for inspiration (patterns, fabric, thread, buttons), and the rest sealed up in bins for later use. It's just the right level of quirky clutter, complete with pineapple-lined shelving, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sewing Room Tour | Bulletin board
Sewing Room Tour | Tools
Sewing Room Tour | Tools
Sewing Room Tour | Trim storage
Sewing Room Tour | Vintage Sewing Tin
Sewing Room Tour | Fabric Storage
Sewing Room Tour | Ikea Desk and Storage