A Self Care Shopping List for the Crunchy Traveler

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Natural Self Care for Travelers

An in-depth guide to the best natural travel essentials for adventurers in 2017. 

The tumultuous year that was 2016 has finally come to a close. And though much of 2016's high points were vastly out shadowed by its low points, 2017 appears to have begun with renewed hope and a sense of adventure. People know we can do better for the planet, the environment, and ourselves, which is awesome news - especially if you're planning on adventuring in 2017. Canada, for example, is opening all of its National Parks to the public for free in 2017, many airlines have been created to offer more cost-effective flight fare...you get the picture. This new year could be the best time to lace up those boots or pack those bags you've kept in the back of your closet for too long and get out there to explore the world. 

Of course, you'll need a few nifty (but natural) essentials to do it, which means you may be searching for the best travel equipment, green beauty, natural first-aid, etc. As an adventurer myself, and an outdoors enthusiast who regularly travels and spends time in nature, I've had my fair share of trial and error with packing, what to bring and the essentials I actually get use out of. This could not be more true when it comes to natural self-care. Hopefully, my list of the best essentials you need as an adventurer in 2017 will help you live a little more adventurously whilst focusing on the natural and minimal. 

This guide is meant to act as an in-depth list of recommendations for natural self-care items which will help to keep adventurers healthy using sustainable and natural ingredients. Some of the items recommended throughout this guide are meant to be consumed or taken orally (such as tinctures, powders, teas, etc.); prior to using or consuming any product, if you have an allergy or sensitivity, you should consult a medical professional first. This guide is by no means exhaustive but may act as a point of reference. The purpose of this guide is to offer a comprehensive range of suggested products for staying healthy in the outdoors. 

Healing Salves

Healing salves work wonderfully to help repair rough hands and feet, wounds, scratches, bites, scrapes and other minor surface injuries. 

Muscle/Ache Relief

Choose a natural alternative to over-the-counter muscle and ache relief products. 

Sunscreen & After-sun Care

Caring for your skin and body during all seasons when you may be susceptible to prolonged sun exposure is important for maintaining a healthy complexion whilst healing the skin naturally. 

Rash/Burn/Wound Relief + Repellent

Utilize these natural products for relief of wounds, scrapes, bites, burns, etc. as well as for preventative measures. 

Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoos are awesome stand-ins for real shampoo when camping, hiking, traveling or doing other adventurous activities which keep us from washing our hair!


If you are looking for a more earth-friendly, natural deo for your travels, these suggestions may just do the trick and are travel friendly. 

Hygiene (Tooth, Feminine, etc)

Perfect for tooth care, feminine hygiene and other purposes, the following suggestions could prove useful for busy adventurers seeking natural alternatives to basic hygiene products. 

Soaps & Cleansers

Finding natural soaps and cleansers can be tricky, and virtually no soap is 100% safe to use outdoors. However, soaps and cleansers free from preservatives, artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals can be used during outdoor exploration or other adventures as a kinder alternative to typical soaps. Below are a few recommendations for such cleansers. 

For the Dudes

Although virtually all products in this guide (with the exception of feminine hygiene recommendations) are unisex, here are a few suggestions for products meant specifically for men (though ladies, you can use these too, thanks to their all natural ingredients!).

Health Remedies & Aids

This brief list is meant to introduce suggestions for various remedies and health aids which you can easily take with you on your adventures to stay healthy. 

For Outdoor Companions

Keep those adventurous pups safe in the outdoors with these natural items. 

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Photo by Jonas Verstuyft on Unsplash