Second Hand First

If you've been reading for a while then you know in our house we are big second hand shoppers. While I do enjoy "In real life" thrift shopping now for kids clothes I still find that for myself online second hand shopping is much easier and more fun. Recently I've been losing weight and have been cleaning out my closet relentlessly. What I realized when assessing all of my clothing is that easily 75% of my wardrobe had been purchased from Thred Up. From workwear, casual wear, active wear AND shoes I can easily find nearly everything I need for my wardrobe second hand on that site and have been for years. 

Me and my dude just bought some matching Vans from Thred Up for $30 total! 

Me and my dude just bought some matching Vans from Thred Up for $30 total! 

With kids I've found that shopping second hand is the most practical. Since kids outgrow their clothing so quickly a lot of the time you can find pieces that are almost brand new. There is certainly a disparity between boys and girls clothing. Not exactly sure why but I think it might be because we tend to buy more clothes for girls. For example, for a little boy to wear the same pair of khaki pants to three special occasions is not a big deal, but for a little girl to wear the same dress?! For shame! Obviously I think this is stupid but I do think it explains why it's easier to find girls clothes second hand...okay back to the original point...

Shopping second hand is my favorite "cheat" for thoughtful consumerism. I can still shop the brands I love without any of the guilt. It's also keeping clothes out of landfills. I have a small selection of very high quality blouses that I bought from Thred Up for work that are still in fantastic shape but really aren't necessary for my lifestyle anymore. So you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to sell them back to Thred Up! It's so neat knowing that at least three different women will have shared these special pieces. 

Secondhand First-2

I thought it would be fun to do some mommy and me selections from Thred Up today.  At the time of publication all of the above items are available! Are you looking for the perfect matchy-matchy outfit for your family photos or event? Here's how to do it with Thred Up!

  1. Pick out your favorite pieces for yourself (cuz you the Queen girl!)
  2. Go the 'kids', click 'girl' or 'boy', click 'size'
  3. Click 'color' and then choose the colors that will compliment the outfit you picked for yourself. 

Now you have a curated selection of perfectly matchable clothes in your childs size to choose from! It's so easy and so fun to put together. 

If you haven't shopped at Thred Up before please use this link! You'll save $10 and I'll get $10 to spend on more cute shoes. Cuz these babies are growing up tooooo fast and I'm not sure how much longer I can get away with mommy/son clothes shopping so I'm enjoying it while I can.