A Simple Updo in Golden Gate Park, with SAYA Designs

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It’s been a few months since SAYA Designs sent me this beautiful Frangipani hair stick to try out, and I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting a review sooner. The plus side of my procrastination, however, is that I can honestly say I’ve worn it nearly every day since it arrived. I’m a big fan of hair pins — in high school, when stylish hair accessories were hard to find, I’d pin my hair back with a takeout chopstick or even a fancy ballpoint pen. And while I love having long hair, it can get quite unruly. Hair pins are an easy way to keep this mop out of my face!

All of SAYA’s hair sticks are hand crafted by Balinese artisans out of salvaged wood from old Indonesian plantations. This ensures that local forests are not over-harvested, and also means that each piece contains a little bit of history. And the Frangipani stick is just so pretty! Made from tamarind wood with a rosewood inlay, it almost reminds me of a quill pen (harkening back to my ballpoint pen days, sans the ink). And the wood is smooth enough to ensure that no hair gets caught while styling — a problem with other hair pins I’ve tried.

I usually wear it in a simple knot at the base of my neck with a few loose strands framing my face, but there are so many ways to style SAYA’s pieces. They have a whole tutorial section on their website that’s worth checking out, along with their other gorgeous designs.

Worn here with my favorite Pendleton sweater (made in the USA) and a pair of Soko earrings while strolling the beautiful paths of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

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