Red Done Right

Red Done Right.jpg

Anyone can look good in red lipstick. Really! It's all about choosing a shade that doesn't make you look like a clown and then getting it to stay on. I prefer more toned down easy to wear shades that don't jump off your face but if you have the type of lips that wanna say "HELLO SWEET WORLD I AM HERE!" then go for it! Here is the technique I learned while doing stage makeup. I think it's a simple enough process and the few extra steps really help with lasting results.

1. Prime your lips with whatever foundation you normally wear. Not a ton, just a very light cover.

2. Line with a similar shade to the one you are wearing and fade it inward. 

3. Fill using a lip brush. A brush will help you keep it all in the lines.

4. Blot...yeah, look at the picture.

5. Set very very lightly press powder on your lips. 

7. Brush a fresh layer of razzly dazzly red on and you're ready to go!

Our model is wearing Radiant Cosmetics lipstick in Park Avenue. We bought this a few weeks ago and are really liking this lipstick because unlike others it's very moisturizing so you don't feel the need to add lip gloss or balm (which btw makes your lipstick come off faster!) Radiant Cosmetics donates 20% to fight human trafficking and does their best to source products ethically, which of course, we love. Have fun!

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