Poor Ginger

It looks good from the front, but this project was a mild disaster. A good learning experience, though. I guess...

At any rate, the skirt is done, but barely wearable. I think the main problem was the fabric -- it had too much stretch for someone with my lack of experience to work with, and my seams didn't fully match up at a few points. I also had the same problem with the invisible zipper that I did last time: it sort of bubbles out, giving me an unflattering-ly bumpy backside (say that five times fast). The first time I tried I didn't have the right zipper foot and tried to wing it which, needless to say, didn't work out so hot. But this time I had the right foot, followed the tutorial to a tee, and still had the same results:

Has anyone else encountered this when working with invisible zippers? I'm wondering if it's also a result of the stretch in the fabric. When I pull up on the waistband the bumpiness flattens out, so i could just be that the fabric stretched too much along the edge of the zipper as I was sewing.

I suppose I should have gone with a stiffer fabric -- I just tend to like a little more sway in my skirts! Alas, I flew too close to the sun.

Here's to another shot at it some time in the near future, when I'm well-rested and feeling less dramatic.

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