This Organic Kids Line Inspires Some Epic Toddler Smize

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And just like that, we have a full-on, hard-core toddler. A toddler that has mastered the art of the high-pitch scream. A toddler who demands ham (not turkey!), frozen corn, sliced blackberries, and sparkling water WITH A STRAW. A toddler who climbs up the slide backwards, slams her chin into table corners, and collapses into a puddle of rage when informed that Peppa Pig hour is over.

A toddler who, as of last week, has learned how to pose:

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Recently Noni Bee, an organic kids clothing line based out of California, sent Avery this adorable Night Sky Tie Top to try out. Expecting the usual struggle to get her to sit still for a photo or two, I was shocked when our daughter leaned against the wall, cocked her head to the side, and looked straight into the camera with her best doe-eyed stare. Suddenly she's 21 months going on 15. Sheesh!

She's worn the top several times now and it's quickly become a favorite. It's soft, comfy, and so, so cute without being overly-girly (the sparkly pink stuff isn't my jam, although I'm sure she'll hit that phase eventually). And like all of Noni Bee's pieces,  it's woven from organic cotton yarn, dyed with fiber reactive dyes, printed with water-based inks, and assembled in Los Angeles, California. If you have an active kiddo on hand and care about the ethics behind their clothes, I highly recommend that you check out Noni Bee.

And if you want to enjoy a few minutes of quiet alongside some dry British humor, I highly recommend Peppa Pig.

Disclosure: this post is not sponsored, but I did receive free product from Noni Bee -- a brand I'm happy to endorse.

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