Thrifting Online with Twice & Thred Up

 Online Thrift Shopping Guide

My friend Christa is a thrift shopping queen. She is always able to find the cutest stuff at the best prices. I was not blessed with this gift. When I go thrift shopping I last about 5 minutes before the smell (seriously, what is that smell?!) and frustration of looking through 100 pieces of clothing to find one piece that fits, start to make me yearn for Target. I started looking for used clothing online and was super excited when I found Twice and Thred Up. These companies offer gently used, sometimes never worn, clothing at a fraction of the cost retail. They also buy gently used clothing and give sellers cash or credit to shop at their online store. So far I think these website offer the best options for those of us to want to shop our favorite brands but feel conflicted by how the clothes are produced. 

I've purchased clothing from both Twice and Thred Up and my experiences have been fantastic with each. I think I like Twice a little bit more because they only accept a limited number of brands which means you aren't sorting through a bunch of weird pieces to find the good stuff. The thing that separates it the most from Thred Up is that Twice offers free returns. I was REALLY bummed when I realized that it was going to cost me $24 to send back the clothes I didn't want to keep to Thred Up. However, Thred Up is less expensive overall as compared to Twice so the cost of returns isn't such a big deal. 

Thrift Shopping online is definitely more expensive than thrift shopping in a typical thrift store, however I think it is similar in price to the newer "buy back" type thrift stores. I haven't sold clothes back yet but I do have the bags and plan to do so soon.