My Fair Valentine

Whole Trade Flowers.jpg

Friends, it's officially last minute. Probably too late to buy ethical and fair trade stuff online and get it here for Valentines Day, definitely too late for Galentines Day, but not too late to still make the day thoughtful! Whole Foods Markets has a great selection of ethically sourced, fairly traded goods to remind the special people in your life just how much you love them!

We love these Whole Trade Flowers.

Aren't they cute with this Lilly's Chocolate Heart?!

A Valentines Day gift basket full of fun!

-Chocolate Drizzled munchies from Popcorn Indiana if your idea of a romantic night is snuggling up with a movie at home.

-Theo Chocolate Cinnamon Crunch. Because, Chocolate. Always, Chocolate. Forever.

-This Alaffia Trio of soaps in Valentines Day scents like Champagne and Strawberries and Wild Prairie Rose. Save water...giggity giggity.

-Mongo Kiss chapstick (my favorite chapstick on Earth) for extra soft, smoochable lips.

Whether you're buying for a friend, a lover or yourself you can find all of these items and a lot more at your local Whole Foods Market! 

{Thanks to our favorite Brentwood store for helping us find these great items!}