My best friend's birthday

Global Goods Partners Impact Bracelets

My best friend had a birthday yesterday. She moved far away (okay, like 6 hours but it's far) last year and sometimes it's just a bummer to not be able to drive over to her house and hang out! I've known her almost my whole life. Since we were 5. My first memory of her is her getting me in trouble. We were in kindergarten. The teacher said "class, I need to step out of the room for one minute. Please keep working quietly at your seat." The second she walked out the door my friend looked at me and said "let's stand on the table and scream". I was a good kid, I'm still a rule follower. But for whatever reason I wanted to be a part of the wild girls crazy I did it. I stood on the table with her and screamed. Of course the teacher, who was literally standing right outside the door, heard it and we were benched for recess. I like to jokingly say that she's been getting me in trouble ever since. 

Church play 1995. So much drama. So much jewelry. So much everything.

Since I am a child of the 90's I have also been the proud owner of dozens of friendship bracelets and necklaces. So when Global Goods reached out to tell me about their new nutrition bracelet I was happy to learn more.


Global Goods Partners Impact Bracelets
Global Goods Partners Impact Bracelets

These friendship bracelets, or rather, Nutrition Bracelets, are not only super cute but give back in very tangible ways. In rural Guatemala, the incidence of malnutrition is greater than 50 percent and food insecurity is a pressing challenge. Global Goods Partners created the Nutrition Bracelet to help tackle this issue. The purchase of this bracelet helps fund one year of nutritional, social and medical support for children in Guatemala.

Each bracelet gives something back to our Global Goods Partners' communities. They even get specific enough to tell you what color bracelet has what kind of impact!

Purple: 20 bracelets = healthy food and vitamins

Teal: 16 bracelets = doctor's visits

Light Grey: 6 bracelets = parent health education

Dark Grey: 8 bracelets = health screenings

I think these are very cute to wear stacked together or to throw in a simple little card for a friend to encourage them. If you send it to a friend you should probably get matching ones. BFF!!

This product was given to me for review by Global Goods Partners. Thanks for supporting the brands that support our blog.

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