Moonbird and Mother's Day

Moonbird Ethical Sleepwear

Being part of the teeny world of ethical blogging is sometimes discouraging because you see a lot of brand come and go. However it's also incredibly rewarding to watch brands learn how to create ethically made pieces and expand their business without compromising their values. Several years ago I connected with the team at Moonbird and have enjoyed watching them grow so when I got the opportunity to partner with them on a feature for Mother's Day (which also happens to be my first Mother's Day!) I jumped at the opportunity.

There are many things I appreciate about this brand but one thing I find particularly lovely is how transparent they are about manufacturing. Each part of their supply chain is clearly listed on their website. 

Both of their India production facilities, Mehera Shaw in Jaipur and Zenana Women in Lucknow carry some sort of fair trade accreditation or membership. Their sets come in beautiful bags made by Freeset Global who also hold fair trade certification. Their cotton is GOTS certified organic and pieces are 100% vegan. In addition to all of this, the brand gives away 10% of their earnings each year to a local charity. From top to bottom Moonbird is creating pieces that make in difference in many ways.

A little birdie told me that the brand is also working on a line of swimwear...we'll be sure to let you know when that's happening. If their swimwear is anything like their sleepwear it'll be something all of us will want to own!

Moonbird Ethical Sleepwear

The prints honor the brilliance of traditional Indian design while also feeling really fresh. The fabric is super soft and (my favorite part) the top has a bra shelf. It's just so comfy. With a generous range of sizes, lengths, prints and sets, this would be a great gift for a mom that needs some practical pampering...because after all, when you're a mom pajamas suddenly turn into work clothes for those after hours snuggles and feedings and you might as well have on work clothes you love!

We connected with the owner, Rachel and asked her to share some thoughts about why fair trade matters on Mother's Day. Her response was brilliant and reflective of the heart of the brand.

Motherhood is one of the great joys of life, to watch my children learn something new can reduce me to tears on a daily basis, but even with lots of support around it's the hardest job in the world. We work with lots of single mothers here in Australia and in India and their strength and bravery fill me with awe. At Moonbird we believe it is vitally important to train, support and value mothers and single mothers to take charge of their families lives. When a mother can financially support her family she changes the traditional perception of 'women as property' in a generation. Fairtrade is a crucial part of this process because equality of women and equality of pay are two of the founding premises of Fair Trade. 

Moonbird sent me this lovely set to review. Thoughts are my own and we don't review stuff we don't like. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our blog.