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Maternity leave pre-baby is kind of like vacation. Except I'm still pregnant. And I can't drink. And I get to sit around and wonder when, exactly, I'll be launched into several hours of intense pain. So really not like vacation at all. 

I've been working on the nursery and putting together ethical gift guides to pass the time (due date is tomorrow), and figured I should capture a few more maternity style pictures before I officially deflate. I especially wanted to get some shots of this coat, because it's been a godsend since the temperature dropped a few weeks ago. By this point, none of my regular coats fit, so I bought this dusty rose cashmere coat by Theory (I found it on sale at Bloomie's... phew!). I'm so glad that relaxed, oversized silhouettes are in this season, as it made finding  maternity-appropriate winter wear much easier. And the color is a bit of a head-turner; I get compliments on it every time I wear it out.  It makes me feel like a fancy East Coast lady-about-town. 

All I need is a Shih Tzu with a diamond-studded collar.

All I need is a Shih Tzu with a diamond-studded collar.

...But is it Ethical?

Much like BCBG, Theory isn't a brand that I would promote as particularly ethical (you can read Project Just's review of their parent company here). But their clothing is incredibly well-made with an emphasis on classic/timeless silhouettes, so they'll do when I can't find an ethical or secondhand version of what I'm looking for. The dress, by Susana Monaco, is made in the USA (similar here). 

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We'll see how much more blogging I get through before our new friend arrives, but au revoir for now darlings! 

Outfit Details: Theory 'Clairene New Divide' Wool & Cashmere Coat  / Susana Monaco dress (made in USA; similar here) / Woven leather platform sandals (thrifted) / TOMS Luisa sunglasses (one-for-one)

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