Manthropologie: The Great Chai Debate


I am not a coffee drinker. I know, everybody likes coffee. I've tried it many times from many different people who assured me that "this" coffee would be different, but to me it all tastes like dirt and I'm not fond of dirt. I know, I'm alienating myself. I'm ok with it.

When my wife (Mrs. Let's Be Fair) and I started dating I found myself in coffee shops much more frequently. I had to pick something on the menu so she wouldn't have to drink alone. I chose chai. 

In honor of my favorite hot beverage, in an effort to save money (because I'm tired of paying $5 for a drink), and in our ongoing pursuit to purchase ethically sourced goods whenever we can, I present to you...The Great Chai Debate.

All three of these options for chai concentrate would work for me. They all taste great and probably would just boil down to preference, but here's how I would categorize them.

Best for the Money: #2, The Chai Company - This one had a great taste, lots of spice, and rendered the most servings of the 3 of them. Therefore, it gets the mark for most cost effective.

Most Like Starbucks: #3, Sattwa Chai- This one tasted the most like the chai I first fell in love with.

Most Likely to Find in Our Kitchen:#1, Third Street- This one was equally as good as the Sattwa Chai, but not quite as sweet. Ulitmately, I prefer that the one I drink on a daily basis have a little less sugar. 

Either way, these are all great options and you can purchase them and others at

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash