Let's Trade: Ethical Alternatives to Madewell

Ethical Alternatives to Madewell

 Madewell is one of the stores I was most excited about visiting when they started to open in my part of town. Unfortunately, the majority of the pieces from this brand are imported and very little information is shared about where these items are sourced. As an affiliate of J. Crew, Madewell falls under J. Crews code of social responsibility. The thing I like most about their code of conduct is that they specifically address their expectations for subcontractors, an area where many other brands choose to play dumb. However, while I appreciate J. Crews efforts I do feel they could be doing so much more to insure that the people that make their clothing aren't just being paid (less than a living, but legal, wage)  but rather, that they are being treated as employees of J. Crew with a living wage and benefits. The brands featuring in these traded items can share the details of their sourcing and manufacturing and ensure that the items you purchase from them support ethical practices and sustainable job creation in the communities they work in.