Let's Trade: Ethical Alternatives to Anthropologie

Ethical Alternatives to Anthropologie | Cup

The Little Market Floral Latte Mug

We always have fun trying to put together our Let's Trade posts. I enjoy the challenge and reminder  that it is totally possible to find the types of things I like in a more ethical manner. Anthropologie has been the tough one to create a post for. I've tried and tried and tried again. But this is why we all love the place, it's perfectly curated and near impossible to imitate. When I worked for Anthropologie I'm pretty sure I spent everything I earned. I wish I was joking but at the time it was a second job and we got a good discount and I seriously think I spent it all. In other words, I'm a fan. The one thing I think that's important to remember about Anthro is that a lot of times when you go in there you aren't necessarily looking for anything in particular but you end up finding so many things you "need". Perhaps it's the delightful smell of all those candles burning or daydreaming about actually sleeping in that big comfy display bed (anyone?) but I find myself tempted to buy 'just because' all the time I go in there! Hopefully this list will help all of us remember that while window shopping is nice, when it comes to impulse purchases especially, we can usually find something else we'd like that was made in an ethical manner. If you're upset about this post and wishing you'd never found this blog then I have some good news for you. Anthropologie does a decent job sourcing a fair amount of Made in the USA products AND they've recently started carrying products from MADE, a fair trade cooperative in Kenya. So it doesn't mean you have to stop shopping at your favorite store, it just means we need to pay attention and let the store know what we're interested in! Below are some of our favorite ethical alternatives to pieces currently in the store.

Ethical Alternatives to Anthropologie | Belt
Ethical Alternatives to Anthropologie | Pajamas
Ethical Alternatives to Anthropologie | Blanket
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