Welcome to Let's Be Fair


"We want to be thoughtful in the way we live, and we want to help others to do the same."

Over the last four years I have so enjoyed learning about thoughtful consumerism and sharing what I'm learning with others. As you've read many times on our blog we don't write about thoughtful consumerism because of a love of fashion, but because of a desire for justice in our every day lives. However, increasingly over the last year there has been a growing unrest in my heart about our blog. I started to notice a disconnect between the things I was writing about and the things that were occupying my time and my thoughts. As I wrote for our blog I started to notice myself thinking "in light of everything that happened today, does this post about where to find an ethical black dress really matter?” I believe the way we shop and consume matters. I believe that the decisions we make with our finances are of extraordinary and lasting importance. And yet if we stop there, if we shop thoughtfully but don’t LIVE thoughtfully, we aren't really living lives of justice. I have said “no” to many purchases out of guilt because I know someone had to be exploited to make it so cheap. While guilt might cause us to modify our behavior occasionally, it's not a true or healthy motivator for lifelong change and growth. As we've been talking and thinking about what our blog would look like for the future one word kept coming up over and over and over again. Thoughtfulness.

We want to be thoughtful in the way we live and we want to help others to do the same, so moving forward we are shifting the focus of our blog. We aren’t abandoning our desire to create a culture of thoughtful consumerism. We want to focus on the idea that thoughtfulness is not just a way of shopping, but a way of living. We want our blog to be of value to the people that read it and a journal that we can look back on as a family to follow our own growth.

 So what does this mean for Let’s Be Fair?

 First, it means that we will be focusing on thoughtful consumerism through a lense of usefulness. Overwhelmingly the emails that we get from our readers are resource questions. "Where can I find kids gifts for under $30?...Where can I find an ethically made suit?....Where can I find men's underwear?....Where can I find fair trade sugar?" So to help simplify this process we are in the process of clearly organizing all of our posts by topic (yep, all the way back to 2012) and updating our pinterest pages so that you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily. In the future, we’ll be posting differently, likely much more topically, to make these resources even more user friendly. Simply look under “categories” on the right column and click a topic to find posts relevant to what you’re looking for.

Secondly, we will be paying more attention to the price points of the things we feature on our blog. We truly believe that a thoughtful lifestyle does not have to ruin your budget, so if it's not something we wouldn’t buy in a real life or something we don’t think is worth the price we won't be featuring it. That doesn't mean we won't feature expensive things, but rather we will only be featuring things that we think are of value!

Finally, the biggest shift you'll see on our blog is a more open conversation about social justice issues. This is where I think I might lose some of you, but also what I know is necessary for us to continue blogging in a way that feels meaningful. As a Christian and woman of color, married to a person of color, living in a big city and raising children of color, I can no longer avoid discussing issues of race, gender and income inequality while also trying to present an authentic self. I have avoided talking about these issues because I know how I'm wired. I'm a social worker and things can get real serious real fast! I also have a fear of being dismissed as an angry black girl or ignored as the light skin girl that doesn't have a right to talk. These insecurities are things I'm working on but I will no longer let fear of how I'm perceived hinder me from using this space in a meaningful way. We want to encourage you to live thoughtfully in the every day and to do that authentically it has to be holistic.

In the last four years I've said a lot of what I feel like I need to say about thoughtful consumerism. I want to learn from other people and hear other voices, so you can expect a lot more guest posts (that I am REALLY excited about) and a lot more encouragement to join in the conversation.  We are so grateful to have you as part of our community in our little corner of the internet and we look forward to good good things in this season.

With Gratitude, Dominique