Kiss Slavery Goodbye (Super Fierce Style)

Kiss Slavery Goodbye.jpg

My crush on Radiant Cosmetics might be turning into a slight obsession considering that this is the second post about them this month! As you know if you've been reading for a while, Radiant is a cosmetics company that was founded with a vision to end human trafficking. This month they have an incredible campaign called Kiss Slavery Goodbye that serves to bring awareness to the trafficking crisis, raise money for anti-trafficking organizations and encourage survivors of trafficking. So awesome. Radiant fans have been taking photos in their favorite Radiant lipstick to promote the campaign so I thought I'd join in. The problem however is that I really really REALLY don't like being photographed. To combat this fear l did some research and stumbled across some tips from everyone's favorite modeling coach, Tyra Banks. Not trying to brag but I think I pretty much nailed it. 

In this picture:

Radiant Cosmetics lipstick in 'Park Ave'

Mata Traders 'Ray of Light' Necklace

Tyra Banks Super Fierce Modeling Tips