Just Call Me Big Red

It’s week 34, and I’m feeling positively large and in charge. While I was able to get away with wearing some non-maternity pieces for a while, I’m relegated to knits and spandex these days. Thank goodness for this Ingrid & Isobel tank dress, which I’ve basically been living in for the last month. It’s soft and cozy, while making me feel comfortably compressed (is that why babies like being swaddled?). And, lest we forget the purpose of this blog, it’s also made in the USA.

The scarf is by Marine Layer, a San Francisco-based brand that I absolutely adore. The company manufactures most of their clothing in the United States, while sourcing more technical styles like raincoats and accessories overseas. Like Everlane, they closely monitor the factories they work with to ensure fair and ethical working conditions.

I love their laid-back aesthetic, and I can’t wait to get my hands on their Jackie Denim Skirt once I have a waist again (I mean it has my name written all over it, riiiiiight?).

And then there’s the coat. This, along with the camel-colored version I have in the same style, was a compromise in terms of ethics. BCBG certainly isn’t a pioneer in the ethical fashion space (although they do have a vague corporate responsibility statement like everyone else), but I’ve always found their clothing to be exceptionally well made. Every BCBG piece I own has held up for years (including the dress that I’m wearing in almost every Facebook picture from 2015). So I know that when I make a purchase from them I can adhere to the “30 wears” principle. Ideally, a garment will be ethically produced and well-made, but as I’ve mentioned before that’s not always the case. Ultimately, I want to ensure that the things I buy will stay in my closet for years to come.