In Real Life: Parker Clay

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Parker Clay Review

Four years ago we met an amazing couple at an adoption conference. We chatted with them briefly and learned they had recently adopted from Ethiopia through the same agency we were using. The husband mentioned that they were moving to Ethiopia to start a business and we stayed in touch. Four years later Ian and Brittany of Parker Clay have created one of the most beautiful brands and one of my favorite bags.

I own two Parker Clay bags. The all leather purse in camel and the tote in black. I use the all leather purse to carry a laptop and work-ish stuff because the structure of the bag makes it functional for casual and business use. But my tote in black...I use that thing every day, or at least every day I'm not just throwing my wallet into a diaper bag. My sweet husband bought me the black tote last year as a gift and I love it just as much today as I did then. I've abused the heck out of my bag, not trying to abuse it, but just, you know, life. At one point when I was moving out of my office at work I fit nine books into my Parker Clay bag. I know if I'd done that to another bag the handle would have ripped right off. This bag is so well constructed and I'm sure (as long as I stop using it as a moving box) it is quite possibly the last leather tote I'll ever buy. 

I endorse a lot of brands on this blog but consistently Parker Clay is really one of my favorite. Their heart for people and the quality of their product and hard to beat.