Great.ly is a brand new shopping website that helps connect artists with tastemakers. Tastemakers open shops full of the pieces they love from various artisans and then connect those artisans with you! Basically imagine that it's etsy. But instead of having to sort through 500 horrible things to find what you're looking for your favorite bloggers have already done the work for you. That's great.ly! This week I was thinking about the importance of supporting women run technology and women owned business when I was reminded that pinterest is run by a bunch of dudes. I don't normally think too long or hard about those types of things cuz yeah, there are just more important things to care about. However I do think it's cool when we have an opportunity to connect with and support other women in their ventures. As a tastemaker/boutique owner I get a perentage of sales through this site and always want to be upfront about those things, but just like normal I'll only share things that I love and believe have been made in an ethical manner. Spend a few minutes checking out our boutique and other cute boutiques from Cloth & Kind, MinaMoka, LuluLucky and Laura Trevey.  

1. Kelly Zellers Hand Painted Zipper Bag - pretty sure the artist was inspired by our blog

2. Frances Marin Flamboyance Flamingo Art Print

3. Caitlin Halberstadt Je T'aime Pillow

4. Erin Gates Collection Gilly Cup

5. Krissy Osborne Rainbow Mini Garland - save me, this is too cute 

6. FashionABLE Mehari Blanket

7. Araya Jensen Cheers Mini Bowls