Giveaway: Love is Waiting


Today's post is written by Daniel. Daniel writes our Manthropologie series, and also happens to be my husband. 

Love Is Waiting

Nobody likes to wait, especially men. Typically men are problem solvers by nature and waiting makes it seem at times like something needs to be fixed. Most of our world is telling us that we can have things as fast as we want them, so when things take time it means that there's a problem.

About three years ago we decided as a couple to grow our family through adoption. At the time, we were told the most we would wait would be eighteen months. So far it's been two and a half years since we "officially" started waiting and it will likely take at least another six months, if not more. At first I struggled a lot with the waiting process. It made very little sense to me (and truthfuly it still doesn't make sense to me) that there were orphans in the world and families who were ready to make them their sons and daughters and that for some reason we couldn't figure out a way to make that happen in less than three years. 

I have since become more educated on the process of adoption and the reasons why it takes time, but it doesn't make the waiting any easier. When I get bogged down in the waiting process I remind myself that my waiting pales in comparison to what my son or daughter is waiting You see, I know what love is like. I saw it in my parents, and my brother and sister when I was growing up. I see it in my wife every day. I have many friends and relatives in whom I see love all the time. I know love very well, but my child may have no idea what it looks like. I would give anything to show them that love, and so I will wait."

Today we are honored to introduce you to a new company that's making the wait a little better. Love Is Waiting was initially started as a fundraiser for the store owners adoption from Ethiopia. Thanks to blog world we got to follow along with pieces of their adoption, the long wait, the difficulties getting their son home and finally got to see photos of their little man, who is one of the cutest kids we've ever seen. Recently they've opened up the store again to support other families on their journey. International adoption can be expensive and so each week Love is Waiting donates 20% of the sales directly to another family in the process. To introduce themselves to you all, the company is doing a really fun giveaway with a little twist. You can enter the giveaway for yourself or you can enter for any waiting mom or dad, whether through pregnancy or adoption. The winner will receive one Love Is Waiting shirt and journal. To enter simply comment below and let us know who you're entering for. For an extra entry, pin/ re-pin any Love is Waiting item on Pinterest and just let us know in the comments below. A winner will be chosen at random on Friday, December 20th.