Give: Cookies Give Back

 Sustainable Cookie Company

After a couple years of exploring and shopping the ethical marketplace I could easily tell you where to shop for jewelry, clothing, food staples and even home decor. So when I received an email from the team at Give, I was crazy excited because I'd never heard of anything like it. Give is a gourmet cookie company on a mission to create a spectacular product that is ethical every step of the way. You've heard me say WAY too many times how much it doesn't make sense to create a product that 'gives back' without considering how the product was made in the first place. Give is extremely thoughtful in this arena, using fair trade ingredients as well as fairly sourced packaging to create their beautiful and delicious boxes. On top of all that they give15% of the profits to one of the following charities of the buyers choice: Charity Water, the Lunchbox Fund and Pencils of Promise. 

Now let's talk about the cookies.

Because I enjoy baking my husband and I are sort of snobs when it comes to cookies and to be perfectly transparent I wasn't expecting these to really 'wow' me...I was so wrong. These freaking cookies are amazing. Perfectly moist, perfectly cooked and perfectly balanced chocolate-to-dough ratio. You didn't know chocolate-to-dough ratio was a thing? It is. And it's important. 

I'm a chocolate lover so the chocolate chip stuffed with Nocciola was sort of a dream. I think I gave my husband one bite. Which means A.) I am greedy and B.) this is one of the best cookies I've ever had in my life. Yes. IN MY LIFE. My second favorite was the cornflake cookie. Sounds weird, tastes amazing. These are possibly the perfect gift for relatives or friends who don't live close by. Who doesn't like cookies? The packaging is darling and the shipping is fast so they come as fresh as possible.

Give Cookies 2.jpg