Form x Function - Meet Cyclus

 Stylish recycled tire and canvas bags - Cyclus

Looking for a bag for summer? We are LOVING the newest collection from Cyclus. Made ethically in Columbia the brand uses recycled tires to create durable and stylish bags. Typically I'm not a big fan of up cycled rubber goods, nothing wrong with them, they're just not my style. But these bags are so different and fancy. The brands B2B collection is 100% upcycled tire rubber. The bags we received are rubber and canvas and the quality of the canvas is so amazing.

 Stylish recycled bags - Cyclus

The thing I love about ethically made bags is how detailed the sewing is on them since they are typically hand made. And goodness. These bags are flawless. I can't find a single crooked stitch or loose area. The brand created a video to show-off their lovely factory and the process of each bag. If there were awards for behind the scenes videos I'd nominate this one. Cyclus is the opposite of fast fashion. It's slow, methodical, craftsmanship but still at a price point that makes these a fabulous option for a go-to bag. 

We received these bags at no cost for feature. All thoughts are our own and we don't review stuff we don't like. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our blog.