Fashion Revolution Day

Mourn with Those Who Mourn

I was talking about Fashion Revolution Day with my husband and described it as "the Earth Day of thoughtful shopping". I laughed about it for a second. Then I realized that it wasn't funny and it wasn't true. Earth Day is a celebration of something we love and remind to cherish and care for it. But at it's core, Fashion Revolution Day is a day of mourning and remembrance over the lives lost in the Rana Plaza Factory collapse. 

I get it, none of us want to be bummed out with photos of a collapsed building or dead people and I'm a huge fan of the branding behind Fashion Revolution Day. Yet it's so important for us to remember that the reason behind this movement is not so we can buy more expensive, pretty clothes that make us feel good about ourselves. This movement is about people. It's about the lives of the people who make our clothes. And those people are like us. Just like us. People who have dreams, goals, weddings, funerals and babies. People who want to go to college, move to the big city, enjoy the holidays, buy a home. They are people, and the way we shop is the evidence of how we feel about them. So today as we ask the brands we love "Who made our Clothes" let's ask ourselves why we care and then shop that way.

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