Fair Trade Tea Party

Image by  Erol Ahmed

Image by Erol Ahmed

I've been on a major tea kick lately, sipping the herbal variety all day at work to keep myself warm and hydrated. One of my students took note of my habit, and now asks me every day in his best British accent, "will there be any tea today, Ms. Palhegyi?"

My current favorite is Numi Tea's Rooibos Chai, which is the best non-caffeinated Chai I've come across aside from Samovar's more expensive version (price aside, if you're ever in San Francisco and have a chance to visit Samovar Tea Lounge, DO IT). I brew loose leaf to cut down on waste, using a metal infuser and an electric kettle, and drink it straight to fully savor the delicate combination of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cardamom. I love including this ritual in my otherwise hectic day although my classroom version isn't nearly as pretty as the layout above, shot by friend and talented photographer Erol Ahmed

To recreate this tea service yourself, try some of these fair trade teas and accessories, all from companies that are fair trade certified, made in the USA, or otherwise committed to sustainability:

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