Fair Trade Dresses at ModCloth

 Ethical ModCloth Dresses

Aside from furniture I think one of the most difficult thing to buy ethically is clothing. This is definitely the area that presents the biggest lifestyle change in our family. Next week we'll start a new series that'll dive into some of these issues but today I'm really excited to share a little gem I found! For me as a size...well, not 2...it's important for me to be able to try clothes on before I buy them. This makes ethical shopping difficult because the items I want to buy aren't readily available in stores. Fortunately the crew at ModCloth has sorta changed the game here. Not only do they have a small but growing offering of fair trade and ethically made clothing but they offer free shipping and free return shipping. This way you can order, try on, and send back what you don't love. So amazing! Right now they're offering a good selection from Mata Traders and People Tree. I think we should all buy new dresses this week and send ModCloth thank you letters asking for even more fair trade options!

1. Mata Traders Kerry On with Confidence Dress

2. Mata Traders Pep and Circumstance Dress - I own and love this one!

3. Mata Traders I Crane, I Saw, I Conquered Dress - yes, that is the real name of the dress. 

4. People Tree Farmhouse Warming Dress

5. People Tree Row Garden Dress

6. People Tree Cutie Doodle Doo Dress in Hearts