Fair Trade Halloween Candy

 Fair Trade Halloween Candy

This is our very first repeat holiday post which means we are rapidly approaching the one year birthday of our blog! I still don't like Halloween but I do like chocolate so I had fun putting this together. We are still three weeks away so there's plenty of time to order these candies before your trick or treaters arrive.

1. Fair Trade Winds Pumpkin Gourd Box

2. Equal Exchange Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut (one of my favorites)

3. Coco-zen Mini Chocolates

4. Bug Bites Organic Milk Chocolate

5. Mama Ganache Pumpkin shaped chocolates

6. Apente Foil Wrapper Bag - made out of recycled candy wrappers!

Chocolate not your thing? Check out our posts from last year for more candy ideas and halloween costumes!