Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced Bedding


We have been on the hunt for ethically sourced bedding. We need bedding for two beds and honestly, it's been kind of frustrating. The price point on ethically made pieces is so much higher than cheap, conventionally-made bedding and the bargain hunter in me has a hard time making a purchase when I know I could find it cheaper. However the ethically made options are often cheaper than bedding you'd get from a store like Crate and Barrel or Anthropologie and really really pretty! I think bedding is an area where you don't feel the lack of choices in the ethically made realm. We wanted to share some pretty fair trade certified and ethically made bedding we found but also remember that "Made in the USA" pieces are an option as well (though not necessarily less expensive). We'll also be featuring a ton more options on our home board  on Pinterest.

1. West Elm Organic Smock Pleated Duvet

2. The Little Market Kantha Throw

3. Connected Good Kantha Quilt

4. Saffron Marigold Moroccan Tile Bed Spread

5. Coyuchi Cotton Mache

6. Boll and Branch Hemmed Duvet