Do Werk (and help other ladies do the same)

Nine months ago I quit my job to be a stay at home mom and while there are certain things I miss about working there is one thing I absolutely do not miss at all. Work clothes. Work clothes are gross and uncomfortable. They don't breathe. They don't move. Awful. When I left my job my husband told me we should celebrate by having a khaki pants burning party. That's how much I hate work clothes. But fortunately there are some truly amazing brands that are changing the face of the work wear and creating pieces that you'll want to wear even after you leave the office. Here are a few of our favorites.

Ethical Work Clothes.jpg

Sotela is the new brand and dream project of our ethical writer buddy Hannah. Sotela has a small line of dresses that are specifically created to accommodate a womans changing body. So periods, weight loss and pregnancy don't have to dramatically change your wardrobe. Hannah wrote a post about three ways to style her dresses at work to help give an idea of how versatile the pieces can be. 

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Imby is a shop of another ethical writer buddy, Sara. They have a growing curated collection of beautiful and comfortable basics that can simplify your morning routine and flawlessly take you from day to night. 

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Everlane. It's just easy, if you're a straight size. I still hold that this brand is missing mega business due to their unwillingness to expand their sizes but if you are a size 0-12 this is an easy one stop shop for classic, fabulously made work wear.

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Betabrand. This brand was a game changer for me when I was working. Their clothes are SUPER comfy and wash so so well. Their work yoga pants are the smartest thing in work wear ever. You can literally do yoga in them. I actually was the clinician who supervised a yoga class for Veterans and can attest to this fact. They are really that stretchy and comfy. They also are really easy to care for. You can wash and dry them just like normal clothes and they don't even fade or wrinkle. Magic. Use this link to get $15 off your first order

Donate your gently used work clothes

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Have work clothes you don't need anymore?  Our amazingly talented and kindhearted friend Sica of Bead and Reel is at it again with a wonderful wonderful campaign. And you can help! Bead and Reel is partnering with a wonderful organization called Downtown Women's Center and hosting a 12 week back to work training that also includes a wonderful professional dress makeover. Bead and Reel are collecting donations of work wear, handbags, jewelry and bras for women, with larger sizes specifically needed. Drop offs and prepaid shipping labels can be arranged by emailing Now for my words...DO NOT SEND CRAP. Sica is offering an incredible service and our sisters deserve our best! Don't waste their time and money by sending anything you wouldn't want to wear. End rant. Thank you Sica for making our city better and thank all of you for participating! Off to work we go!