Where to Find Ethically-Made Shades

Ethical Sunglasses

Some of our favorite shades for spring! Okay, actually we had a lot of favorites so we'll probably be posting again next month about sunglasses...sorry in advance. I'm usually drawn to brown glasses but some of these lighter frames seem pretty fun. If I got to pick any off this list I'd go with #4. Which ones are your favorite?

1. Toms- Winward White

2. Proof- Bird in Stained Bamboo

3. Solo- Jason Acton Designs

4. Warby Parker - Boyd in Marbled Sandstone

5. Warby Parker - Evelyn in Whiskey Tortoise

6. Toms - Sandela in Tortoise

7. Proof- Ontario Skate in Aqua

8. Solo - Bamblues

P.S. Did you know Warby Parker will let you try on glasses before you buy them?! Check out our review!