In With The New: My Ethical Shoe Picks

Ethical Women's Shoes.jpg

For a variety of reasons (the main one being, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!), we are in a season of scaling down and cleaning our home. Part of this is creating some boundaries around how we shop. For me, shoes have always been a thing I buy pretty often and thoughtlessly. I remember when I was little going to this crazy cheap shoe warehouse  with my mom (who really always finds the best deals) and walking out with 5-6 new pairs at a time. Unfortunately once I started shopping for myself and buying my own clothes this shoe trend continued. I love buying shoes because they are a faithful friend. Unlike clothing that will ditch you because you gained a few pounds (jerk) shoes are always there for you.

Have I mentioned before that I have a shoe problem?

In an attempt to scale down, simplify my life and create boundaries to help prevent over consumption I created the following guideline for shoes.

Only buy to replace a pair that are literally falling apart. The new pair can only be worn after the old pair have been thrown away. No compromises.

Notice how I said "thrown away"? Because for me, and this is personal, I think it gives me more accountability to think this way. It'd be easy to cheat and say "well I'll give this pair to the Salvation Army and replace it with these" but that's not really the goal. I want to wear my clothes out. My shoes should be so trashed that it just wouldn't make sense to give them away. I'm also not attempting to have a minimalist shoe wardrobe. Maybe one day I'll get to a place where 4 pairs of shoes just makes sense for my life but for now the goal is just to not add to the problem and slowly decrease the amount I have over time.

So here are the shoes I'm getting rid of:

Black pair purchased conventionally that I wear 5 days a week. Grey Toms ballet flats that go with everything and a Brown pair of Toms that are 6 years old! 

And here are some of the contenders for replacement. Some are reasonably priced and some are very expensive. I've bolded the ones I'm most leaning toward.

1. Anine Bing Collette Ballerinas

2. Pikolinos Samoa

3. Beyond Skin 100% Vegan Marley

4. Pikolinos Pisa Ballet Flat

5. The Root Collective Gabby in Grey

6. Fortress of Inca Isabella Pointed Toe

7. Nisolo Mendez Flat

8. Sbicca Museros

9. Sseko Ballet Flats

10. Inkkas Desert Slip On's

11. Nisolo Ecuador Huarache

12. Carmelinas Tita Woven

What about you? Have you created boundaries around your wardrobe to help you live more simply? Please share any ideas that have worked for you!