An Ethical Outfit for NYC

Ethical Outfit for New York.jpg

We are headed to New York in a few weeks for a work/fun/anniversary/birthday extravaganza! Last time I went to New York I felt like a total mess everywhere I went. Apparently flip flops and wearing shorts with sweatshirts aren't in vogue yet there? This time I'm going prepared with lots of NYC black and a few pops of color so I can go seamlessly from day to night. Any suggestions where we should visit while in town?

1. Lydali Agate Earrings - seriously some of my favorite earrings of all time. Why don't I own these yet?

2. Hearts Lace Oversized Clutch

3. Vintage Havana Striped Sweater - love this

4. Connected in Hope Bole Scarf -free shipping with code BEFAIR 

5. Marisol Umbrellas - made in Brooklyn

6. Nicora Johns Virginia Skimmer Flat

7. Circle of Trust Jeans