Thoughtful Clothes for Kids

Today's guest post comes from Ashlie, co-founder and designer of Nula, a new sustainable kidswear line launching next month. Head over to their site for more about Nula's start-up journey and their ethical approach to kids clothes.

 Ethical Kids Clothing - Where to Shop

They say ignorance is bliss. It is becoming harder and harder to remain blissfully ignorant about the power of our purchases. 

Every item we buy is a vote for ethical labor or not, for environmental stewardship or not. 

My ignorance was wonderfully interrupted in 2004 when I began attending Parsons School of Design, where ethics classes made fair labor and sustainability part of our language as designers. For me, it did not stop there. I've been preparing to launch a new sustainable kids wear line in April, while my husband and I also prepare for the arrival of our first baby in May.

Through my journey I've learned how difficult it is to make ethical products, as well as how hard it is to find these goods as a consumer. Fortunately, there are amazing resources like Let’s be Fair to help us wade through the research and multitude of products out there.

Above you will find a few kids brands I admire, both in style and ethics. Like the recent post from The Note Passer says, shopping ethically is possible! - Ashlie

Neige Baby Pink Blossom Blouse

Kallio Hooded Shirt

Mini Rodini Giraffe Wing Body

Kids Case Candy Organic Dress

Nixie Stellar Dres

Pop Up Shop Shark Sweatshirt