Ethical Gift Guide: The Cool Kid

Cool Ethical Clothes for Kids

We have had so much fun putting together our very first season of holiday gift guides. For our last list we thought we'd throw in something for the little guys. This was really a hard list for me because "toys" are typically not made ethically and for little kids that's a big part of the deal! Here are some cute little things we found that we think might be suitable for the discerning tastes of Santa's biggest fans. So here's to the cool kid: may it take you several more years before you realize that the 'From Santa' tag is strangely written in your dad's handwriting.

Global Goods Finger Puppets

Little Hathi Cupcake Rattles- please. too cute.

Urban Meadow Out to Play Sweatshirt- I want to buy this now for my future children

Little Hathi Chef Set

Oxfam Butterfly Jewelry Kit

Aravore Coats- SO many adorable pieces that I want to buy for myself!

One Little World Tree Branch Crayons

Uncommon Goods President Block Set- for your smart little cookie