Let's Trade: Ethical Alternatives to Urban Outfitters

Ethical Alternatives to Urban Outfitters

Greenola Bordeaux Skater Dress

Since starting the blog the main question I get is "where SHOULDN'T I shop?" This is such a hard question to ask but it makes sense. It does feel easier to eliminate or demonize certain stores so we can feel like we have a free pass to shop elsewhere. Unfortunately though it is rarely that easy. We need to shift our focus from "where should I stop shopping" toward  "is there a more ethically made version of this product?" This is challenging however because we are conditioned to convenience shopping and looking for the best deals rather than the best product.  

For this trade we focused on a store that I really like, Urban Outfitters. I wanted to see if it was possible to hunt down ethically made versions of products that I like from a store that is the epitomy of 'so right now'. This post quickly became one of my favorite posts ever. Like shopping ethically, it took quite a bit of time to compile this list but I think it is good evidence that shopping ethically is totally possible if we put a little work into it!

Ethical Alternatives to Urban Outfitters
Ethical Alternatives to Urban Outfitters | Bedding
Ethical Alternatives to Urban Outfitters | Pillow
Ethical Alternatives to Urban Outfitters | Headwrap

Della for Urban Outfitters Woven Headwrap - yes! It's really from Urban Outfitters! Proving that it's not "where to shop" as much as "what to shop for". Sometimes it's possible to still shop in the stores you love simply by looking for ethically made brands that the store might carry.  Bonus: All of the Della for Urban Outfitters products are on sale so tell Urban you want more ethically made products by stocking up on some Della goodness!