Get To Know: Sukhi Rugs

Eco Friendly Rug - Sukhi

In planning and dreaming for our new home one of the things that I think about way too much is rugs. I have serious love for the hardwood floors in our new place but for certain areas, a rug serves not only practically to warm the place up, but also serves as a art piece. We were sent an area rug by the team at felt ball rugs and I was really blown away by the amount of craftmanship and detail that go into each piece. Sukhi (formerly Felt Ball Rug) is based out of Nepal, where workers are paid fair wages and work in good conditions and make each rug step by step from start to finish. Mothers with young children are even give the option to work from home, which is just fabulous. 

Watching this video was really neat because it reinforces just how powerful the fair trade movement is. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, with 1/4 of the population living below the poverty line. As harsh as this is, to be a woman in Nepal is even harder. Only 41% of women are literate, as opposed to 71% of men, because girls do have have access, and in some cases, the right, to attend school. The majority (well over 50%) of women experience domestic violence and estimates suggest that over 7,000 women are trafficked out of Nepal every year. Every year. The thought that something we buy here can help a mom somewhere else provide for her family with dignity is so unique to this way of shopping. Who knew that shopping could be powerful.

The average rug is comprised of three to five THOUSAND balls. After each ball is hand-dyed and hand rolled they are intricately sewn together to the buyers specifications. Additionally each rug can be customized so you can pick colors (and they have a ton of colors to choose from) that go perfectly with your decor. Considering how much work goes into making each rug and the fact that these rugs are 100% customizable in size, color and shape, these rugs are so reasonably priced as compared to other rugs, including rugs that aren't made ethically. 

I don't feel that photos can quite do justice to how beautiful these rugs are in real life but you can view the gallery to get an idea of how gorgeous they can be in your home. I think one of their round rugs would be unbearably cute in a kids room and can also be a great place to add color and warmth to a living area. Please consider this wonderful company when planning your next rug purchase! 

Eco Friendly Rug - Sukhi